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Hệ thống giám sát mức chất lỏng hầm hàng SPT-3500

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The SPT-3500, LIQUID LEVEL is the newest version of magnetic float level gauge for marine tankers which has been developed based on the long time field experience. The detection of float position is conducted by HALL IC elements to eliminate problem of contact fusing and/or accuracy failure caused by existing reed switch system. By this remarkable sensing system, long time stability and maintenance free operation have been achieved. The measurement is free from the conductivity and/or dielectric constant of the cargo liquids. Thus SPT-3500 is widely suitable for measurement and control of cargo liquid levels at crude oil carriers, coaster tankers, product carrier’s chemical carrier, etc.

LEVEL ALARM SYSTEM is perfectly separated from level and temperature monitoring system electrically, and the independent level alarm sensor is separated from level and temp. sensor too. When the liquid level reaches a set point, the reed switch is actuated by magnetic float. This signal is connected to enunciator card through safety barrier. At the same time, we can get audible and visible alarm on the main control panel as well as external alarm on the bridge top. The 95% of volume is normally for high alarm, and 98% of volume is normally for overfilling alarm.



  • Compact and cost saving design.
  • HAll IC Elements, pure electric position detection:

- Grade up from existing reed switch system.

- Highly reliable and stable for long time operation.

- Highly precision for operation.

  • 3 Point of temp. measurement and transmission.
  • 16 Bit CPU Data processing:

- Intelligent signal processing unit with 16 bit micro processor achieves high reliability and high function such as self diagnosis and setting of measuring liquid density.

  • Separable LCD indicator.

- LCD indicator may be separated from the sensor.

  • 2 Core cable data transmission and easy wiring:

- Liquid level and maximum 3point temp. data are sent to CCR by serial BCD signal through 2 core cable only including power supply to the deck. Full line up of CCR indication system

- Full line up from individual indicator to computer based system is ready to meet for requirements.

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