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Hệ thống giám sát mức hầm hàng từ xa

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Operating principle:

The operating principle based upon the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure by providing a constant low flow of air or neutral gas into a probe which opens at the tank bottom. The flow regulator ensuring a constant pre-set flow at the end of the sounding pipe in the tank irrespective of the supply pressure. Gauge saver is used for protecting the level indicator against over pressure. The blowing valve is used for sending the full air pressure through the signal line for cleaning purposes. The air supply valve is used for isolation from other channel without any influence.



  • Liquid level or measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading and then the high precision is achieved.
  • The construction is simple and the handling and maintenance is easy.
  • Since no electricity is used, the explosion-proof measures are not necessary.
  • With used of the pressure type high sensitive level switch, the signal and alarm of the preset liquid level can be transmitted.


CT - 180 – OPN - OPEN TANK-Ballast tank remote reading

  • Draft remote reading
  • Heeling and trim remote reading
  • Fuel oil tank remote reading

CT - 180 – CPN - CLOSED TANK - Cargo oil tank remote reading

  • All liquids even viscous ones (molasses, bitumen, etc...)
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